Marc Manley

Imam & Religious Director

Flyer for half-day retreat at the Salaam Center in Irvine, California

al-Ḥamdulillāh, it was a real honor and pleasure to give the keynote speech at the Salaam Islamic Center's retreat, Ikhlas: Seeking Divine Pleasure In Our Actions. You can listen below to the talk (our new Middle Ground Podcast). For more videos on the retreat click here.

Below is my calendar for classes I'm teaching as well as any other speaking events.

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Marc Manley I currently serve as the imam and religious director at Middle Ground. I started my path towards being an imam back in Detroit where I started my Islamic studies under the tutelage of Dr. Ali Sulaiman Ali. I subsequently spent a number of years studying the Warsh recitation of the Qur'an from a hafidh from Algeria.

Years later I found myself in Philadelphia, America's premier city for indigenous Islam, where, under the support of such teachers as Shaykh Anwar Muhaimin at Quba Masjid and Adnan Zulficar, I took the position of Muslim Chaplain at the University of Pennsylvania. From here I also developed the first Muslim chaplaincy program at Drexel University. Not long after, the Islamic Center of Inland Empire called, offering the position of Imam and Director. I left ICIE in 2015 to open Middle Ground. You can read more about what Middle Ground is there but to say the least, it's been a life-changing experiece that's still unfoldilng.

If you're looking for a bio in Arabic (ترجمة شخصية في العربية), click here.

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