July 2023

Midjourney art of a murābit battle droid in the middle of the desert

Guard your own narrative like you guard your life. One of the most powerful and expeditious means of giving someone else total control over you — from a deep subconscious level — is by allowing them to articulate your anger and frustrations with the world in their vernacular.

Those whom you give access to your narrative, by allowing them to articulate your anger and fear in their own words, will not only exploit you like malware but ironically will offer you no means to challenge or conquer the very things which anger you or cause you to be afraid. Like Satan in the Garden, they succor you with empty words as a means of entrapping you, never giving you the keys to break free and conquer those enemies.

Islām, however, as a religion, and the Qur’ān, as the Book of Guidance, provide a belief system and a way of life, becoming a trustworthy companion who truly has your best interests at heart because they not only listen to your grievances, as any good companion would, but provide you the means of overcoming these adversaries, not simply as tactics (i.e., “fighting the matrix”) but by teaching and encouraging you and even demanding that you fear no one but God Almighty, and may the Devil take the hindmost!

So be wary of those whose only business model is transacting in anger and disgruntlement.