August 2023

Thumbnail image of a man receiving kabuki makeup

The Theatre of Muslim Social Media

My reason for posting this video is mainly twofold:

One, for Daniel Haqiqatjou: take a good look in the mirror and put aside this Ali G-like persona you’ve become and come back to reality.

Two, for others: beware of those who make startling transformations right before your eyes.

Such individuals are not well and I do not mean “mental health”: the heart is disturbed. When they can don a new costume and force the world into an artificial one-dimensional fantasy in which they have cast themselves are the underdog reluctant hero in their own play, a play Shakespeare himself would have been proud of, full of betrayal and intrigue, then know that such a transformation is as fake, and dramatized!, as a three dollar bill.

Here’s the Muslim Septic back in July 2015 chillin’ with all the "deviant Muslims" at my house for Eid.

I have prepared a few videos discussing the phenomenon of what I call performative Islam in that I have observed over time the shift from practicing Islam, as a means of describing and embodying piety, to where it is performed for an audience. This, I feel, is most so with those who've become Muslim, especially those in positions of leadership.

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