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“This is an incredible assumption that organisms, their function, is to compete for resources and procreate to pass along their genes; not that’s what they do but that is their function (i.e., purpose).” From Stephen M. Barr's work, Modern Physics and Ancient Faith

Dr. David Solomon Jalalel's article, "Tawaqquf and Acceptance of Human Evolution" caused something of a stir. Jalajel, and Yaqeen Institute, for whom Jalajel serves as a consultant, have been in a contentious argument with Daniel Haqiqatjou of The Muslim Skeptic/Alasna Institute fame. While both parties I'm sure are well intended, there are some very important assumptions and aspects of the theory of evolution which Yaqeen and Haqiqatjou are not addressing. In sha'Allah, it is my hope to address these issues and push the conversation forward to something more productive, beneficial, and meaningful.

“Both in living organisms and artificial machines, it is not just the parts but the whole itself which has a function or purpose. The function of a car is to get people around. The function of a mosquito, according to evolutionary biologists, is to compete for resources and make more mosquitoes.” — Stephen M. Barr, Modern Physics and Ancient Faith, 70.


  • Barr - Modern Physics and Ancient Faith